Red Hand of Doom

To Hell and Back


Realizing that House Meitor had turned against the Iron Circle, Lord Tynaron shouted over the din to Duke Avrul that the hellflame portal should be almost ready. Hearing them, Hierarch Nagal cried “No! We must close it!” But the tieflings, devil, and imp were already retreating into the Temple of the Golden Flame. The heroes went after them, dispatching their new high priest on the way. They fought their way into the temple’s central chamber just in time to see their foes leaping into the column of flame. After some hesitation, they followed.

They emerged from the scorching flame into another world, a dark, smoky desert with flowing rivers of lava. Tynaron, flanked now by armored devils, welcomed the newcomers to Hell, where the Iron Circle was fortifying the portal to allow their devilish allies to teleport en masse to reinforce the Circle forces already in Sarthel. The tiefling invited the visitors to join him and the devils for a meal at their citadel, but they recalled what happened the last time they accepted such an invitation and decided to continue their battle instead. One of the armored devils escaped, presumably to alert the citadel, so there didn’t seem to be much time. The fighting was fierce, with Cyress luring Tynaron into a one-on-one confrontation to avenge his lost Jarett. In the end, only one foe remained – the hulking Duke Avrul, who had displayed the ability to teleport at will in a burst of flame that burned his opponents, now endured blow after blow standing in front of the hellflame portal and blocking his enemies’ only escape route. The flames began to flicker as someone presumably began closing the portal from the other side, and an oncoming troop of more devils could now be seen approaching from afar. In desperation, the heroes piled on to the massive tiefling and were eventually able to force him back into the portal, then they leapt in to join him.

Back in the temple, Hierarch Nagal was chanting a ritual to close the portal before the Iron Circle’s reinforcements could arrive when Avrul appeared before her. To her relief, he was quickly surrounded by her rescuers. The tiefling smirked – the fools thought they had him beaten, but he could simply teleport back into the flames to Hell, where his reinforcements were on their way. He vanished again in a fiery flash, but his flame dissipated in a resounding scream on the surface of the hellish column. Nagal chuckled, “Fool. You can’t teleport into a portal.” Avrul, it seemed, was finally destroyed. House Meitor guards soon caved in the temple’s barricaded main doors, beyond which could be seen the remnants of battle, where House Meitor continued pushing back the Iron Circle in scattered skirmishes. The day was won.

Exhausted and severely injured, the heroes of Drellin’s Ferry and Sarthel were tended to and allowed to rest at the Alamarid Palace before being brought to the palace’s meeting hall, where Duke Meitor greeted them warmly, thanking them and rewarding them with treasure for their services. He agreed to send troops to defend Elsir Vale from the Red Hand, and made Tirah a lord of Sarthel, granting the deva the holdings once belonging to the treacherous tieflings Avrul and Tynaron. A grand feast was held to celebrate the victory, and from the palace’s window the heroes could make out the foundation of a monument being erected on Temple Square in their honor.

XP (Cyress, Elkantar, Frug, Thistle, Tirah): 2,010
Next session: 10/20/2013



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