Red Hand of Doom

The Thornwaste


Venturing into the Thornwaste, a barren and twisted land where the Lion is rumored to make his home, the adventurers came upon a massive structure in the form of a lion. In the darkness of night, spectral forms flitted about it, but they seemed to vanish in the light of the sun. In a hollow at the base of the structure, in the lion’s chest, slept a gargantuan behir. Above, in the lion’s mouth, Thistle discovered two of the specters keeping watch. Upon closer inspection, they wore phantasmal armor bearing the crests of Rhestilor and Nerath. The pixie requested an audience with the Lion, but a fight broke out between the visitors and the behir, which the ghostly guards merely observed from above. The behir, named Varanthian, became enraged when he learned that the heroes were enemies of the Red Hand, and unleashed withering blasts of electricity at them.

The heroes prevailed, and the ghost soldiers escorted them into the lion structure’s foyer, where they were bade to wait while the guards informed “the Master” of their wish to see him. Not content to wait, however, they began exploring as soon as their escorts vanished through a wall. Amidst the ubiquitous lion carvings and statues they discovered a grisly laboratory and a chamber with a mysterious pool, floating black orb, and motionless ogre skeletons in alcoves. Disturbing the skeletons caused them to attack, and the intruders soon learned that the skeletons exploded in bursts of razor-sharp bone shards when broken.

XP (Brandis, Cyress, Frug, Thistle, Tirah): 2,610
Next session: 11/10/2013:



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