Red Hand of Doom

The Ruins of Rhest


Having defeated the ogre guards, the heroes now faced the dilemma of whether to venture into the half-submerged building in pursuit of the dragon, or to cut their losses and return to shore. Wounded and exhausted though they were, they decided that to launch their boat would be tantamount to suicide, since the flying dragon could easily attack them from the air with little danger of reprisal. While they were discussing this, the monster re-emerged from his building, this time with an armored hobgoblin rider, who offered his opponents a chance to surrender. Of course, they refused, and battle was joined. Another hobgoblin hiding among the crenellations of the roof summoned a massive shambling mound out of the murky depths of the lake to besiege their enemies, whom he then proceeded to pelt with searing necrotic rays from his staff. Tirah and Thistle boldly leapt atop the dragon and soon knocked its rider off for their allies to slay. This enraged the dragon, who cried that they’d killed his Wyrmlord and best friend. The hobgoblin with the staff fell next, and the dragon soared into the air with a lone Tirah still clinging to it. Climbing higher and higher, he seemed surprised when the deva didn’t let go. Instead Tirah targeted a critical junction in the dragon’s wing joint and smashed it with his mace. Howling pain, the dragon plummeted into the pitch-black water of the Lake Rhestin. The impact separated a barely-alive Tirah from his foe, who vanished into the darkness.

XP (Borim, Brandis, Elkantar, Frug, Thistle, Tirah): 1,700
Next session: 01/26/2014



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