Red Hand of Doom

The Champions Arena


Thistle watched as the thugs piled her allies into Lord Tynaron’s waiting carriage, which she tailed to a large warehouse near the Champions Arena. She broke into the warehouse and discovered a hidden passage leading underground to a warren of living quarters and barren holding cells. One of them contained her companions, who had regained consciousness but were still under the influence of strange mind-controlling worms implanted in them. Thistle managed to figure a way to get the worms out an restore their hosts. Then Lord Tynaron and a very much alive Duke Avrul arrived to greet them, apparently still believing the prisoners to be under their control. They told their “servants” that they were to be instrumental in the induction of a new age for Sarthel.

Unfortunately for them, Avrul noticed one of the extracted worms on the cell floor, and the passage down which he directed them to receive further instructions led not to a mission, but to the arena floor, where the tiefling lords and even Duke Meitor himself condemned the visitors to death for the murder of Lord Padumor. He said he’d been away negotiating for the Iron Circle to protect Sarthel by installing troops in the city. An enormous four-headed hydra was unleashed to make a meal of the accused, but Thistle was able to talk to the beast and convince it that its best hope for freedom was the levers near Avrul’s seat that controlled the arena gates. Aided by Thistle’s pixie dust, the hydra flew into the crowd near Avrul but was unable to comprehend the system of levers. Eventually it continued ascending the seating area and climbed over the lip of the arena to make its escape, leaving Thistle and her friends to fend for themselves. Lords Avrul and Tynaron fled in the chaos, which Iron Circle soldiers had begun arriving to quell. Tossing a rope over the arena wall, Thistle and company rappelled to relative safety.

XP (Brandis, Cyress, Elkantar, Frug, Thistle, Tirah): 1283
Next session: 09/08/2013



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