Red Hand of Doom

Road Blockade


While Duke Meitor began mobilizing Sarthel’s army to aid in the defense of Brindol, the Heroes of Sarthel and Drellin’s Ferry set out, upon Meitor’s suggestion, to enlist the help of the Tiri Kitor, a xenophobic elf tribe that made a home of the distant Blackfens in Elsir Vale. By the time they bring the elves to Brindol, Sarthel’s army should already be there. On the way the heroes gave the High Hall of Overlook an update on the events in Sarthel. Elder Cadrick confirmed that the Shining Axes had already reached Brindol, but no news of a Red Hand attack had yet come.

The next side trek en route to the Blackfens was the Thornwaste, rumored home of the legendary Ghostlord. However, the road in that direction turned out to be blocked by a hastily-erected log palisade and watchtower, manned by Red Hand hobgoblins and ogres led by a shapeshifting barghest. For the most part the hardy ogres refused to fall, even after the goblinoids were slain. But Thistle had set the blockade aflame, and when the ogres realized that their orders were to protect the barghest and the blockade, both of which were now beyond saving, they ceased fighting and let their enemies continue on the road.

XP (Brandis, Elkantar, Frug, Thistle, Tirah): 1,281
Next session: 11/03/2013



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