Red Hand of Doom

On the Road


Gathering supplies from Jarrett’s Sundries, the Heroes of Drellin’s Ferry set out on the road to the Hammerfist Holds to meet up with Teyani Sura and the other Lions of Brindol. On the way they were discovered by their old nemesis, the blue dragon Ozyrrandion, but they managed to defeat him while learning from him that his mistress, Tiamat, bade him to assist the Red Hand horde, which was now bypassing Skull Gorge by flying troops across on dragonback.

The heroes walked further until they caught up with the Lions, protecting a very heavily loaded wagon. The rendezvous came none too soon, as the wagon was soon accosted by a group of bandits led by a halfling named Kelson, who had secured the help of a brutish ettin. Losing only a couple of Lions, the companions slew the ettin and forced the bandits to scatter into the woods from when they came. Kelson fled, abandoning his halfling girlfriend Joyce.

XP (Cyress, Elkantar, Frug, Thistle, Tirah): 740
Next session: 03/10/2013



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