Red Hand of Doom

The Blackfens


Recovering from the unexpected attack of the giant reptiles, Cyress’s companions dragged his body to the rotting ruins of a nearby wooden structure. Here they rested, and Tirah performed resurrection magic to restore Cyress’s soul to his lifeless corpse. Instead of Cyress, however, the soul contained in his mysterious sword rushed in to replace him. He introduced himself as Yarlnox, a great githyanki general, determined to reunite with his former mount, the red dragon Abithriax, and set off on his own. Then they heard sounds outside from a group of elves investigating the carnage. They were led by Killiar Arrowswift, and they were searching for a missing elf named Lannikar. When presented with Liokio’s nameband, Killiar confirmed that the owl was Lannikar’s steed, and the elves soon found in the belly of one of the reptiles a slender elven finger bearing a ring that had once belonged to Lannikar. Killiar explained that the beasts were called dragonspawn, the scourge of the Blackfens for the past few weeks. In another white flash, a dwarf warrior materialized, startling the elves. The dwarf introduced himself as Borim, a Silver Axe from the Hammerfist Holds, sent to assist the discoverers of Glitterhame. Having tracked them to the Lion’s lair in the Thornwaste, he met the lich, who teleported Borim as he had Thistle and her friends earlier. Killiar and his rangers took their guests on owlback to meet with their leader, Sellyria Starsinger, at her home on Starsong Hill. Sellyria told them that the dragonspawn seemed to centered around the sunken ruins of the city of Rhest, once capital of the kingdom of Rhestilor before it was intentionally flooded by opening its levees to prevent its capture by the gnoll hordes advancing from the south a century ago. The Tiri Kitor elves keep a respectful distance but the local lizardfolk do not. Tiri Kitor scouts also reported sightings of a black dragon in the area.

Tirah proposed that the Red Hand was responsible for the dragonspawn and asked Sellyria for Tiri Kitor support in the defense of Brindol against the Hand. The xenophobic elves were hesitant to provoke the goblinoids but agreed that if the dragonspawn were indeed brought by the Red Hand, they would help Brindol. After attending a funeral ceremony for Lannikar, the visitors were taken by Killiar on owlback to the lake that was once the city of Rhest. Alighting some distance away from the shore, they left their owl mounts and avoided the scattered lizardfolk huts to send Elkantar in crocodile form to scout out the underwater ruins. The upper stories of several buildings still jutted from the water, and one of them was ringed by a recently lashed-together wooden boardwalk. Several ogres patrolled its length. Stealing a boat from the lizardfolk, they rowed out to the structure under the moonlight. In an annex to the main building they discovered a hatchery for reptilian eggs. It seemed the Hand was growing the dragonspawn. Elkantar managed to snatch one of the eggs in his crocodile jaws. The first ogre guard to find the intruders was their old “friend” Gnash, who had apparently finally contacted the horde and joined them. Remembering the previous thrashing the adventurers gave him, Gnash didn’t attack them, but he was soon joined by the other ogres, who weren’t as peacefully disposed. They were supported by a great black dragon, which soared out of a gaping hole in the main building’s roof to strafe its enemies with a gout of corrosive acid. However, it soon vanished through the hole and left the ogres to finish the battle on their own. As the fight raged along the creaky boardwalk, Gnash dove into the water to save an ogre that had been pushed in with a wail of “I can’t swim!” Once in the water himself, the not-too-bright Gnash cried out, “I forgot – I can’t swim too!” The intruders also suffered a casualty, as Killiar was pierced by an ogre’s javelin and disappeared beneath the water of the hatchery.

XP (Borim, Brandis, Elkantar, Frug, Thistle, Tirah): 1,966
Next session: 12/08/2013



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