Red Hand of Doom

Happy 40th Birthday, D&D!


Emerging from the black waters of the lake, whose surface was just starting to be pattered by raindrops, Tirah and his friends sought shelter from the rain inside the sunken building. In it they discovered several pouches with bribes and letters of invitation to join the Red Hand, as well as a box containing the Lion’s phylactery. Returning to Starsong Hill bearing the corpses of both Killiar and Elkantar, the adventurers showed the remaining dragonspawn egg to Sellyria Starsinger. She promptly crushed it underfoot, agreeing to commit 200 Tiri Kitor rangers, mounted on giant owls, to the defense of Brindol. They left immediately, winging their way with their newfound allies across Elsir Vale. After a flight of several hours, they landed at Brindol to find the Lions of Brindol, as well as reinforcements from the royal houses of Sarthel and the Silver Axes of the Hammerfist Holds, already gathered to meet the Red Hand Horde.

As the Brindol authorities scurried to arrange accommodations for the enormous owls, Lord Tirah of Sarthel and his companions were escorted to the keep of Brindol’s Lord Kerden Jarmaath, who had apparently been holed up in his makeshift war room for several days already, arguing with several of the city’s elite about how best to defend Brindol. Lord Tirah and the others helped decide the matter, and they agreed to act as a kind of mobile strike force, establishing a psychic link with Lord Jarmaath and Lady Verrasa Kaal, Brindol’s most powerful merchant, whose personal guard also reinforced Brindol’s Lions. They took with them Ukret, a hobgoblin supposedly caught reconnoitering Brindol for the Hand.

No sooner had this strike force settled in for a night in the keep when the Hand’s assult began. As hill giants pelted the walls with boulders to let in the amassed goblinoids, wyverns attacked from the air, to be engaged in bloody combat by the Tiri Kitor owls and their riders. Brindol’s strike force managed to defeat one group of hill giant rockthrowers and prevent them from breaching the city at one end, but another group of giants crumbled the wall at the other end, and the Horde surged in.

XP (Borim, Brandis, Frug, Thistle, Tirah, Ukret: 1,233
Next Session: 02/23/2014



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